Pastor John & Jane Nwankwo, Ph.D.

Pastor John U. Nwankwo, Ph.D., is an international, dynamic, and motivational speaker, trainer, and educator. He is a ministerial and business visionary and entrepreneur, and an ordained minister of the Gospel. He is the author of the book: The Audacity of Grace: 10 Strategies to Living Your Best Life Now, among his other motivational and inspirational books.


Together with his wife, Pastor John founded JohnJane GraceWorld International Ministries Inc. in 2007, and serves as Senior Pastor of the GraceWorld Christian Fellowship. As a dynamic and outstanding leader, Pastor John serves as the executive president of Best American Healthcare University (BAHU) in Riverside California. Pastor John’s Ministry began in 1998 after many years of trying to evade the redemptive and/or ministerial calling in the quest to pursue a medical degree. He was led to sincerely accept Jesus Christ by the famous evangelist, Pastor Kingsley Anonaba through His Hidden Assurance Ministries.  After encountering Jesus and establishing a personal relationship with him that year, Pastor John started serving as a local evangelist. In 2000, Pastor John founded The End-Time Prophetic Message Ministries which later birthed JohnJane GraceWorld International Ministries & The GraceWorld Christian Fellowship.


Pastor John’s educational background includes a Bachelor’s degree in Theology from the prestigious Babcock University in Nigeria, a Master of Art Degree in Religion with specialization in Systematic Theology from La Sierra University and a Master of Public Health with emphasis in Community Health from Walden University. Pastor John earned his Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) degree in Public Health with specialization in (Community Health Education and Promotion) from Walden University in Minneapolis, Minnesota.


Pastor John’s background includes many years of service as an evangelist, providing  mentorship, pastoring, teaching, administration, counseling, and outreach for development and sustainability for individuals and communities that spans over 15 years. His ministry began in 1998 after many years of trying to evade the redemptive and/or ministerial calling in his life in the quest to pursue a medical degree. After encountering Jesus and establishing a personal relationship with him that year, Pastor John started serving as a local evangelist. In 2003, He was invited to run a two week evangelistic campaign by the Sahel Union Mission in the West African country of Burkina-Faso with the theme: “Turn Your Eyes on Jesus” where many souls were won to Jesus Christ.  He also served as an associate Pastor of Heirs of the Kingdom Chapel on the campus of Babcock University, and as a lecturer in Babcock University Pre-degree School, and School of Religion.


His unique background as a business man, public health practitioner and educator, Gospel Minister and counselor has afforded him the opportunity to work with numerous people from diverse cultures and backgrounds as he has previously worked in Africa and in Norway, Europe. He immensely enjoys mentoring and empowering people to develop their talents and potentials to effectively enhance the quality of their everyday lives. As an outstanding motivational speaker and trainer, Pastor John loves to motivate and empower the populations. He possess intense love and joy as well as a special place in his heart for God and people, believing that by the special grace of God and mercy, there are no limitations to what levels God can sustain you.  If you WILL partner with God today, He believes that you can completely become transformed where you become successful, overcoming the odds, achieve, and win BIG.


His message is this: God wants you to know that you can do better than you are doing right now while reaching and maximizing your full God-given and God-driven potentials by the Special grace of God.


Pastor John Nwankwo is married to his best friend--Pastor Jane John-Nwankwo, who serves as his Co-Pastor at The GraceWorld Christian Fellowship (GCF). Pastor Jane is an author of more than 30 books; a registered nurse and visionary entrepreneur who sit as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Best American Healthcare University (BAHU). Pastor Jane fondly called—Sister Jane by members and Friends of GCF for her selflessness, simplicity, passion for excellence and big heart for people’s success and empowerment is a proud graduate of the prestigious Babcock University where she earned a Bachelor of Nursing Science degree. She holds a Master of Nursing Science degree from the University of Phoenix in Arizona . Presently, she is completing her Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) degree in Nursing Science from the University of Phoenix. She a singer, an accomplished pianist, and a powerful motivational speaker and inspirational  teacher and trainer. Together, Pastor John and Pastor Jane are blessed with three children and resides in Southern California.


The GraceWorld Christian Fellowship Family appreciates the leadership emphasis Pastors John and Jane places on the audacious grace of Jesus, living BIG for Jesus Christ and a purpose driven everyday life for victory and significance. We appreciate your emphasis on building each other up in a society where people pride in tearing each other down. We love and appreciate your teachings on wealth creation, entrepreneurships, how to start and sustain small businesses, forging lifelong friendships and connections that transforms, healing and forgiveness, serving God selflessly and our communities, establishing a personal encounter and relationship with Jesus through the power of the Holy Spirit. Your passions to empower people by helping them to realize their lifelong dreams and goals, and their fullest potentials by the special grace of God are uncommon. We thank you for teaching us that church is not a boring affair, but a place of hope where people and communities are imparted with opportunities of a lifetime that helps prepare them to realize their everyday-earthly goal while waiting for the kingdom of God.